stopped Commercial Orphan Works Exploitation in the UK Digital Economy Bill Clause 43

Digital Economy Bill - Google to be the big winners?

Copyright Action have posted an excellent piece on campaign group Action on Authors Rights, pointing out Google as the big winner in the endgame:

“...on the site is the
best coverage of the Google Books deal that we have seen anywhere. The resemblance between Google's attempts to seize control of other peoples' copyright work, and Extended Collective Licensing, which allows publishers to do exactly the same with any work within their reach, should not be understated. Here it is not.

As author Gillian Spraggs says at the site
"Every age gets the culture that it pays for: pays for in money, and pays for in respect." We have always felt that the ultimate benefit of ECL will fall eventually to Google, not the publishers who hope to grab their own little piece of the same action via the DEB. That may be a temporary advantage over creators, but the public thirst for free will ensure Google wins. At some point Government is going to have to deal with Google itself adopting extended collective licensing and orphan works rights.

By giving the publishing lobby what it thinks it wants, Government may in fact be easing the success of the Google project of owning and exploiting all content it can get to. We have here an out of control food chain driven by power and greed and no sense of ecological sustainability. We believe it means economic extinction for most professional creators. We believe it means amateur content will be seized and abused. And now we wonder how long publishers will last, once Google has the means to subvert their exclusive copyright, using the same law they have wrought to subvert ours.”