stopped Commercial Orphan Works Exploitation in the UK Digital Economy Bill Clause 43

The Extended Collective Licensing scam

Copyright Action dissects the proposals for Extended Collective Licensing in Clause 43, assesses their likely effects on the market, and unearths the big winners from these proposals. As usual, you don’t have to dig far. Unsurprisingly, they are mostly the same big winners from other controversial parts of the Digital Economy Bill.

Photographer Andrew Wiard, who has been deeply involved in the “consultation” process around the Digital Britain report, tells us:

Clause 43 reflects very well the requirements of the publishing lobby. We know this because the Intellectual Property Office have repeatedly told us that the publishing lobby
• opposes moral rights and metadata preservation, because it's "onerous"
• wants mechanisms to legitimise use of the millions of works they have managed to anonymise
• wants Extended Collective Licensing because having to negotiate with individual creators is "cumbersome" (and besides, gives us too much say in the price they'd like to pay).

Hence we aren't likely to get much exposure or support from newspapers and magazines.