stop confiscation of your property and Human Rights in the UK Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill

Tories will not let Bill progess with Clause 43 still included

In reply to a question by Kate Hoey MP, Jeremy Hunt, Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport and Conservative lead on the Digital Economy Bill confirmed that Tories will not let the Digital Economy Bill progress through washup into law while it still includes Clause 43.

There has been no specific mention of Clause 46, the Henry VIII clause that allows the Secretary of State to amend at will the Copyright, Designs and Patents act 1988 and any “Digital Economy Act 2010”.
It empowers the Secretary of State to undo all of the changes to the Digital Economy Bill that have been so carefully negotiated, and make new changes. It is a “Henry VIII Clause” enabling changes to be made in pre-existing primary legislation by way of secondary legislation enacted via Statutory Instruments. A Secretary of State with a whipped majority can do more or less whatever he likes under Clause 46.