stop confiscation of your property and Human Rights in the UK Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill

Gone, but not forgotten

“PS. Clause 43 was dropped from the Bill yesterday. Following further reflection, the Government will aim to reintroduce measures along similar lines when an opportunity arises in the new Parliament.”
- Stephen Timms, then Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills; Financial Secretary, HM Treasury; to Frank Dobson MP in a letter dated 8 April 2010

We would like to suggest to a theoretical future Labour Government that they produce a principled rebuttal of our arguments before they do so. For reference, they are:

The Privacy and Exclusivity Problems
What is a “Diligent Search”?
“Diligent Search” a red herring
The “Market Rate” Myth
Misplaced faith in “Consultation”

and, of course, our guiding principle:

“It is a logical and legal absurdity to talk of licensing works whose authors cannot be identified while there are still significant groups of authors who do not have the right to be identified.”- Viscount Bridgeman, speaking in the House of Lords during debate on the Digital Economy Bill Clause 43