stop confiscation of your property and Human Rights in the UK Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill

VOTE! But for whom?

Individual MPs of all parties varied in their position from outright support of us, to indifference, to hostility. This is how they voted.

At the Second Reading, Labour policy was in favour of the entire Bill; Tory policy was in favour of the Bill with Clause 43 removed; Liberal Democrats wanted to retain and amend Clause 43 by limiting use of "orphan" photographs to those made before 1950 and removing photography from any Extended Collective Licensing schemes, but were also against passing the whole Bill in the washup process, wanting it to be deferred to the new Parliament.

By the time of the vote, Labour had moved to remove Clause 43 and both they and the Tories were in favour of the remainder. The Liberal Democrat amendment vanished with Clause 43 and they voted against the Bill. The Bill became an Act without Clause 43.

Clause 43 was removed from the Bill in back-room dealing quid pro quo for Tory support of other clauses. This is why the Government introduced the amendment to remove it, and why the following day Stephen Timms wrote to Frank Dobson that "legislation along similar lines would be introduced in the new Parliament":

“PS. Clause 43 was dropped from the Bill yesterday. Following further reflection, the Government will aim to reintroduce measures along similar lines when an opportunity arises in the new Parliament.”
- Stephen Timms, then Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills; Financial Secretary, HM Treasury; to Frank Dobson MP in a letter dated 8 April 2010.